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His Children are Grown

Sometimes he uses his uncle’s kids to make women feel sorry for him. His wife is not dead. He lures women begs for pity and pretends these are his children. He begs that you help him because the children need help. He is like any beggar on the street. He begs for help for his children. He can’t tell the truth not even about his family. His children are grown up.
turan tastan

Turan’s children are grown

Turan Tastan’s children – the oldest has been seen on the streets of Istanbul. Just like him.

<strong>Turan Tastan works in Sultanahmet the Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar</strong><br />
turan is a smooth talk fast talking person. He can speak lots of languages, English, Spanish, French, Kurdish to his friends, Turkish, German and some Russian, just to name a few. Look its not that he is smart. He dropped out of school when he was a boy. It is his trade to be a fast talker in any language.</p>
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Turan tells stories. They are good ones.

Many women know him or have known him, and decided to write a blog about this very interesting person. He works in Sultanahmet, Istanbul, Turkey, around the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and Grand Bazaar all located in Sultanahmet, istanbul.

He meets women online or in person.

We hope you will add your piece of the puzzle so that others can decide what they want to do.

Help us collect the real information. These comments are feedback or references on Turan’s character. Many women tried to help him. They feel misled and deceived. No one is jealous. He is disgusting. No one cares what he does, but it’s only fair to share what we know about the Turan Tastan experience so you can be safe. Protect your self from scams.


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  2. blonde girls says:

    There is no doubt he is still doing his bad deeds. Is there no way to catch him. Well-done is getting out of the market!

  3. Funny Girl says:

    I don’t even know how I ended up here, i think i did an internet search on him. But I thought this post was great. I don’t know who you are but certainly, you’re going to make him famous. If this blog isnt already 😉 Cheers!

  4. Brooky Stalter says:

    With thanks! Valuable information! I met him in the old city of Istanbul. He is a scammer.

  5. Ariane Bundi says:

    F*ckin’ remarkable things here. I am very glad to see your post. Thanks a lot and i’m looking forward to contact you. Will you please drop me a e-mail?

  6. Ms Yee says:

    I am only writing to let you know of the really good experience my cousin’s daughter reading about Turan. She discovered numerous things, not to mention how it is like to possess a very effective teaching heart to make other individuals easily thoroughly grasp certain impossible subject matters – some people are not to be trusted. You truly surpassed our expectations. I appreciate you for distributing such valuable, trustworthy, explanatory not to mention this topic close to Gloria.

  7. Recent Tourist says:

    Hi there, You have done an incredible job. Definitely, Turan is no one’s friends. He is the ultimate manipulator.
    I’m confident the women (and men) of Istanbul benefit from this site.

  8. Sarah Hughes says:

    This is a message to the Stories Learn More | Haber webmaster. Thank you for this website. I met him. Turan is still doing terrible things and makes so many people very sad. Thank you for this site. It helps.

  9. I came across your Stories Learn More | Haber website and wanted to let you know that we have decided to open our POWERFUL and PRIVATE web traffic system and will feature this site to the public! Thank you for helping so many men and women.

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    You’re a very practical website; could not make it without ya!

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    Thank you for each of your work on this website. My mum really appreciates it and is going through researching and his tours. it is simple to grasp why.
    Either way keep up the nice high-quality writing from your guests, it is rare to look at a nice blog like this one.

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  13. レズビアン says:

    Heya this is wonderful blog.
    Any help is enormously appreciated!

  14. Bill says:

    I will tell you this blog is very helpful – we had a terrible service from him.

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    Heya I’m very first time user. I came across this site to uncover information about Turan. This is valuable. I’m hoping to learn more and to help more as well as assist other individuals as you taught me, I can help others.

  16. Tania says:

    still at it turan. haha turan you rock!!! love you.

  17. darn fool says:

    just found this site and read the articles. Dont admire his talent. turan is still at it after all these years.

  18. mulberry says:

    I have many things to do now, she said. he has something he will not forget from me.

  19. Martinel says:

    Rather valuable information

  20. Lisa says:

    I came to your page and noticed you have a lot more visitors. I have found that the key to this popular website is making sure the visitors are getting the truth about him. Keep it up. Feel sorry for all the victims.

  21. I met him says:

    I constantly spend my half an hour to read this website’s posts daily along with a cup of coffee. I met him in Sultanhamet. He is still at it and hit on me.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I have been on the streets for more than three hours as he tried to sell me everything but his children! I am glad I found the interesting article like yours on this site. Why don’t they get him off the street.

    The site is valuable and sufficient for me. Personally, if all bloggers made good content, a lot more useful stories could be posted, more than ever before. Keep it up!

  23. Olivia says:

    I discovered your page and noticed I know him. I found that the visitors he gets are interested in a good travel guide and not hassled. There is a local travel company that he gets visitors, remember none of his service are for free. I managed to get over him and hope other visitors don’t take his bad advice.

  24. Chloie says:

    This is a comment to your visitors your website offers a big service for tourists. you could get lot more visitors than you have now. Hope this helps 🙂 Take care. Protect people.

  25. Nancy says:

    He welcomes visitors to his office and my advice is do not go there. It turns out he is able to get many unknowing visitors to step in. It’s hard and it usually takes a long time to get out. In many cases, too much time… He wants more than you think. It takes so much time that you might be ready to give up and give in. Tell someone you are going there. I want to share this with you, it happened to me too. I was skeptical at first but what was written is all true so hard to imagine. Now my shock and how hard I tried to free myself from his shame.

    • Anita says:

      That he’s been married for 15 years and have 3 kids. His wife didn’t die of cancer. He showed me the photo of his kids, 2 boy and 2 girls, saying his sister takes care of them. He is kurdish and his Kurdish bothers do the same thing so it runs in the family. He has many brothers and sisters, he’s in middle. He’s been in istanbul for 25 years. turan called me, he emailed me, reading the articles, poetry, looks like he wants money.

  26. choma idiot says:

    Disgusted by this man! He offered his friendship. He offered to help me with my bags to my hotel. He gave his id to the hotel owner. I felt this meant he was a safe. He took my bags to my room. Inside, he dropped his pants. I said, No Turan, no. He didn’t stop. I told him no it hurts. Stop. He is a pig. Who would do this – this isn’t a man. Disgusting there is no justice in Turkey.

  27. bgirdreo says:

    What the F)(*)& he is a gigalo 0- ) Why me!

  28. humberg says:

    Things have evolved lately

  29. oslo says:

    Turan, I think you are a storyteller. You did not tell the truth.

  30. mehmetTuran's reply says:

    hi l am turan l fuck all grils thay dont trust.
    thay want l fuck them
    thay want l fuck them thay tray make website for my.
    l know xox (name removed) she from usa.
    l know oxo (name removed) she from england evre years she changed boyfriend.
    l know another storreyteler shes name lL.
    thay all fuckıng thay dont trust my

  31. mehmetTuran's reply says:

    XoX (name removed) l want bee my 2 wife, l tell she now she angrey with my. she opened this website.

    l fuck you XoX you tell my oh baby you very much bigerden (name removed).
    fuck you fuck you fuck you

    • Arizona says:

      Hey Turan, a man’s unit, junk, stuff, or penis doesnt make the man. His soul, heart, kindness, touch and faithfulness makes a real man.

    • monica says:

      Turan! A man’s penis doesn’t make him a man. The size of your junk doesn’t make you a MAN. Faithfulness makes a real man.

    • WOW you believe that anyone would want to marry you. Looks like you were played for a fool. Who in their right mind believes in this Muslim 2 wife thing. Get a divorce! You don’t love your wife to do this to her. Who would marry you after you get divorced? You have too many skeletons in your closet. Then you tell women you are single on facebook and when you meet them. Why do you lie about your marriage? Does she know you lie about her, I feel so sorry for your wife?

  32. mehmetTuran’s reply says:

    one layd take my pıctures and send website she name lL (name removed) and (location removed) she email adress:(email removed) she cellphone number: (number removed) (personal details removed) she tell my please fuck my. she come with my carpet store. she buy 1 kilim 400 $ after l dont now whay she red bet think about my.
    l fuck she

    • Me says:

      Turan, get a life, a good one, not the one you’re doing right now!

      • Me says:

        Because he’s so self centered,thinking that all women revolves around him. That’s the main reason that hw cannot see his faults, more over he cannot see that his family (wife AND children) are not fooled by him.

      • Jace says:

        Super jazzed about finding this.

  33. Itsseem says:

    I’m sad that he still does it again to lots of women. Maybe he has to do that everyday? Like a daily habit/ritual?

  34. Cari says:

    How could you?

  35. Gia says:

    Did you delete my comment? I am resending because I am very upset. My nerves are raw to find this site. I am shocked and unnerved. I meet Turan in Istanbul. His uncles carpet sale became a lot more than I expected. Horrible to find I was taken in by his needs.

  36. female customer says:

    i like to share my experience, hopefully ladies can read and compare their experience BEFORE bad thing happened with him.

    Warning! Turan Tastan

    i was travelling to istanbul last week for 3 days. and i met him on my 1st visit to sultanahmet.

    Day 1.
    i arrived in sultanahmet tram station. when i walked across the park, heading to Blue Mosque, a turkish man approached me. he’s talking to me in turkish. I don’t understand any words (i don’t speak turkish). he’s asking for my cellphone number. on what i understood from his gesture is that he offered his service as a tour guide. i walked away from him coz i didn’t understand him.
    and then out of nowhere, turan walked next to me. he was asking whether i knew the turkish man. i said no. and then he offered me to have him as the guide. well, since he’s speaking english and i understood him, i said ok. but then i asked him, whether he’s ok with that, maybe he already had a plan or something. he said ok, no problem with his plan.
    actually my first plan was to visit the topkapi palace. but since it’s not open before 9 am, he proposed to accompany me. before going to the palace, we stopped by to a rug store. he showed me some carpets. Then we continue to visit the palace. To cut the story short, we did something that i shouldn’t do. don’t ask me why or how this happened, coz i still regret that till today.
    maybe because he made me safe/comfortable, by speaking in english and knowing places in sultanahmet area.
    i left him before dinner, i continued my trip to other places.ate a lunch with him, m,ade him pay for my meal.

    Day 2
    on the next day actually i was asking him to accompany me to take the bosphorus cruise etc, but he refused because he had to work in the rug store. he eventually met me at early afternoon, asking me to spend another time with him again. but at that day i was thinking clear, so i refused his offer. we split at early at night.

    Day 3
    i returned to my country on the 3rd day in the morning. i met him for the last time in sultanahmet metro station just to say goodbye.

    some info that i got from his story:
    – he’s been married for 20 years and have 4 kids (2 boy and 2 girls when post was writen) Now he has more but lies about how many may 2 or 3 maybe none he barrows his uncles kids to take photos of them to make him try to look young
    – his wife deceased due to cancer. he showed me the photo of his kids, saying that they’re taken care by his sisters, family, and his wife’s family.
    – he has 12 brothers & sisters, he’s no. 6 or 7.
    – he’s a kurdish.
    – he’s been in istanbul for 20 years, but now he’s 30 years old.
    – he showed me his ID card and Entrance Card to Topkapi when we visited the place. in the ID card, it’s showed that he was born in feb 1983.

    so far turan hasn’t called me asking for something. well, reading the articles, looks like he also aims for money. but not from me up to now.

  37. Sara says:

    ‘You want to flirt with a girl.’
    Try flirting with a woman. Flirt with your wife.

    Looking for Woman

  38. i can only say that i was shocked in finding a dedicated website for turan. perhaps i was his latest victim for the past april, unless he found someone else too.

    i have photos – of him with me in istanbul, turkey

    i was travelling to istanbul for 3 days. and i met him on my 1st visit to sultanahmet. he approached me when i was on my way to hipprodome park. i arrived at 8.30 am in sultanahmet tram station, and actually my first plan was to visit the topkapi palace. but since it’s not open before 9 am, he proposed to accompany me. before going to the palace, we stopped by to A Rug store (name of carpet store provided and removed). he showed me some carpets. Then we continue to visit the palace. To cut the story short, we did the thing that’s for me should not be done. don’t ask me why or how can this happen, coz i still regret that till today.

    on the next day actually i was asking him to come with me on a cruise, but he refused because he had to work in the rug store. he eventually met me at 2 pm, asking me to spend another time with him again. but i was thinking clearly, so i refused his offer. we split at 5 pm.

    i returned to my country on the 3rd day in the morning.
    in his story is same info that i got:
    born in 1981, february. he showed me the front his tourist pass not his ID card when we entered topkapi palace
    turan said that he’s been married for 8 years and have 3 kids. but his wife deceased due to cancer. he showed me the photo of his kids, 1 boy and 2 girls, saying that they’re taken care by his sisters, family, and his wife’s kurdish family.
    he has many brothers and sisters, he’s in middle.
    he’s been in istanbul for 20 years

    turan called me, he emailed me, reading the articles, looks like he wants money. but not from me.

  39. Julia says:

    Here is a way to find the truth. He is Turkish. Ask to see the back of his identity card. Turan has to have one. He has to carry the card at all times. Look on the back of the card for the word evli (married).
    Ladies, always ask to see the identity card. Get the facts.

    Wife, girlfriends, and casual sex partners, he will say it isn’t true. It is true. You have been warned.

  40. Генеральный директор/ Director General says:

    Отличная статья Спасибо огромное
    Translation English: Excellent article Thank you very much

  41. She is his money source. The story starts with I am poor, I would do it for you. Next he tells the woman they are in “a relationship” and he is “her boyfriend.” His game starts. He asks for money until she has none left. I hope it didn’t happen to her and I hope it doesn’t happen to you.

    He should get a real job. Leave the women alone. Stop using them.

  42. Gun Safe says:

    I love this blog. Keep the information coming. Is it downloadable anywhere? Thanks!

  43. Hasan says:

    Is this the guy? If it is the right guy I know him, and what you say is sadly true. But really really, there are lots guys like this in Istanbul. They give us Turks bad name. Tourists they mostly see this kind. They act like so nice with you but after you there will come another… SO sorry for these ladies.

  44. tweetybird says:

    Hi Becky,

    You’re right, I wouldn’t want another Turan Tastan to suffer for the sins of this one. To help women to recognize him, here’s what I know about his appearance and usual hangouts:

    This description is based on when I met him in 2010. He has olive skin, hazel eyes and very short black hair about 30 to 40 years old, hard to tell his real age. He’s 5’9” or 170 cm tall, and weighs in at about 175 lbs. or 80 kilos (but is gaining weight, I hear.) He wears jeans but is generally well-dressed (although never in a suit.) He has several different types of phones. By the way, all the playboys who chase women need multiple cell phones so the women don’t find out about each other and the family members don’t find out about the women. It’s part of these guys’ MO, it’s part of their making a living. So Turan also has an IPhone, which are at a premium in Turkey but he has several different cell phones. He also wears a watch that is copper and silver. As to his hangouts, he’s often around Sultanhamet (the tourist area), in tea shops, carpet shops, hostles and hotels around the Blue Mosque, the main Tram lines, the Grand Bazzar, near where the cruise ships let out. Women tourists, beware!

  45. tweetybird says:

    Last time I posted I was trying to help poor Patricia. Hopefully, I will be able to help her. Since then I’ve found out about other women he’s tricked and lied to. I worry about all of you out there! Buyer beware. Read on for a tweetybird’s eye view of this guy’s machinations!
    At the time he was married and also with Patricia, Turan had 2 (also smart, capable) English-speaking women as girlfriends. People I know saw him with both of these women over the period of more than a year and a half. One girlfriend actually moved to Turkey based on the relationship he made her believe they had. He got her to give him money (she’s not wealthy) to buy him a driving license, on the basis that this would give him a decent way to support his children. He’d actually told her his wife had died and left him with the kids!!! The wife’s very alive and well. He got the same money from the other girlfriend for the same thing, all the while telling her that she was special to him because she understood him better than anyone. I’ll say without going into too much detail that this guy operates by making women believe he is connecting with their particular suffering. Very dangerous. Also dangerous from another point of view: With this guy one condom’s not enough! He’s a charmer, got a nice smile, and is real friendly and helpful (not hard to find that type in Istanbul!) But I think his constant motivation is getting money and sex from women. He also traveled with both his girlfriends, and I suspect that he likes to travel with his women to build a case for getting a visa for an English-speaking country. Do we want this creature in our countries? The man is TO BE AVOIDED!

    • Becky says:

      tweetybird, Hey there, I am coming to Istanbul soon and found your post. Who are you talking about? Can you give me a brief description?

  46. sticky says:

    I meet Turan when he was selling carpets. He seemed harmless I guess? Just very pushy. He was always in my face and got the wrong idea about my friend. He came on to her with a lot of fast talking. She fell for it but figured it out. It didnt last long. Sounds like she was one of the lucky ones.

  47. tweetybird says:

    I met Turan in 2009 when staying with one of his friends in an Istanbul apartment building. Turan was living there for a month with an otherwise v. smart, highly educated woman named Patricia from Canada, a PhD who speaks Turkish. I had a wonderful, interesting conversation with her. He knows how to pick ’em. At that time this woman had already established a pattern of coming for one month every summer to be with him. The scuttlebutt has it that the poor thing allegedly had a pseudo marriage to him, I suspect, not knowing he was already married to a Kurdish village woman with 4 children. (Polygamy is illegal in Turkey.) The woman is still visiting him for a month every year, maybe she knows or maybe she is completely unaware of his wife. I would like to find her to help her to get free of this guy and spend her life well. If you are her, post something. I’m worried about you.
    Through my guy friend I found out a lot about this man, and I got this all confirmed through the social networking site called the streets of Istanbul: One guy said “I’m not talking about Turan and all of his women!” Another guy said “All Turan wants is sex and money.”

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