Turan Tastan Shopkeeper or Tourist Agent?

Ladies, Married with Children!
He Is Not Single.turan tastan, Turan Tastan married children

He has children – think about this before you get involved with him. On Facebook see his post as proof that he doesn’t tell the truth.

marries-turan-tastan, Turan Tastan Sultanahmet Istanbul Turkey

He is Married. What Will He Say or Do Next?

Turan Tastan, Sultanahmet, pretends to be single – Ladies he is married with four older children. He makes up stories to steal money from women and to get what he wants. He does anything for money. Be careful – he is a con man. He is not safe, do not trust him. All he wants is your money.  He does not sell authentic merchandise. He sells cheap knock-offs. Watch out, protect yourself.

Turan has four older childrenturan-tastan-shop-scam, Turan Tastan Sultanahmet Istanbul Turkey

Tourism Agent and Hustles Tourist

Previously, his business travel escorted lady tourists.

Turan, turan tastan, turantastan, Turan Tastan Sultanahmet Istanbul Turkeyturan tastan, Turan Tastan Sultanahmet Istanbul Turkey

Sultanahmet, Istanbul, Turkey

Unfortuneately, Turan Tastan is Istanbul Tavel Agent. He works the streets in Sultanahmet Istanbul, Turkey. He is married with four children. Don’t believe his words or Facebook ask to see his Turkish Identity card.

The children on his Facebook page are his uncle’s kids. The man can’t tell the truth.

Born in a small town in eastern Turkey. He never went to high school. Turan came to Istanbul, Sultanahmet to work the tourists. More than 30 years of experience on the streets taught him how to cheat tourists and victimize women. He tells his customers that his wife is dead. She isn’t deceased. These are not his children. He is not single.

Turan Tastan Sultanahmet Istanbul Turkey

He is polite, never humble with a driving desire for sex, money, and power to feel like a big man. All he wants is to sleep with any woman that will have him. He asks for gifts for doing his job.

Don’t go shopping with him.

Don’t Buy him anything.

He isn’t a certified guide or travel agent.

Warning! He is desperate. He wants Money. Dangerous person. think of him as one of those email messages you get asking for money. Well he is that email in the flesh.

Notably, interested in white and Asia women because he thinks these groups have money, women tourist dark or light are for his pleasure.  BUYER BE AWARE!

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